Automates formula and data processing in Google Sheets.

Arcwise AI is a copilot tool for Google Sheets that is powered by GPT technology. It helps users with understanding, cleaning, and processing data in Sheets immediately by utilizing text commands. The AI tool is integrated into Sheets, enabling users to chat with the spreadsheet and ask questions such as “What does this sheet do?” or “What are the calculation interdependencies in A10:D20?” The tool provides AI-generated, context-aware formula recommendations and links to relevant StackOverflow posts. Arcwise AI also assists in data cleaning, scraping, and other functionalities such as reformatting date columns, normalizing messy addresses, summarizing responses, and scraping content from browser tabs into tables. This makes it easier for users to extract useful insights from their data without spending extended periods on manual cleaning and organizing. The tool provides a Chrome extension and is free to use. The company also has a blog where users can get more insights and engage with the Arcwise community. The privacy policy and terms and conditions sections are available, ensuring users’ privacy and security. Overall, Arcwise AI provides an innovative and user-friendly way for individuals to work with data in Google Sheets.

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Featured on December 15, 2022



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