Copywriting assistant for quick, high-quality content.

Aquila is an AI copywriter tool that uses GPT-3 powered machine learning models to generate high-quality content quickly and easily. It is designed to save people time when it comes to writing, allowing them to create sale copies, blog posts, newsletters, and SMS messages with human-like predictions. Aquila also has the ability to generate content in over 50 languages, making it easier for people to break the language barrier. It also has 80+ different conversation tones, ranging from formal to sarcastic, that add a touch of human emotion to the content. Aquila is user-friendly, with a simple interface and priority support for premium users available 24/7. It also offers budget-friendly pricing, with a starter plan and a premium plan that can be scaled up depending on the user’s needs. With Aquila, users can generate niche-relevant blog posts in seconds, email marketing with a click of a button, and access to simple pricing and 5000+ trial credits.

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Featured on December 14, 2022



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