Discord bot automating community FAQs.

Ansy is a GPT-3 powered AI discord bot that automates community FAQs. It reads your message history from public channels and provides contextual answers in as little as 5 minutes. Ansy can be trained with markdown files and responds to questions with a humorous response when triggered with ‘/s’ at the end of a question. It also saves time for moderators by automating repetitive questions and provides instant support to members. Ansy learns from user interactions and feedback and can do broad category searches. It is also capable of doing minor writing tasks like server announcements, tweets, and emails. Ansy is offered in a monthly and annual subscription plan, starting at $4.99/mo and $49/yr respectively. It is available for free trial and provides 10 questions answered without any credit card requirement. Ansy is currently limited to English only, and is soon to be available for Slack and Whatsapp.

Ai Promptly

Featured on December 27, 2022



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