Music composition for diverse projects.

AIVA is an AI-powered music composing tool that produces unique and personalized music for various projects. It is designed for creative individuals such as game developers, professionals, and beginners in music. AIVA enables composers to create compelling themes for their projects faster by leveraging the power of AI-generated music. The tool offers preset styles, including modern cinematic, electronic, pop, ambient, rock, fantasy, jazz, sea shanty, 20th century cinematic, tango, and Chinese, and influenced composition options to allow composers to choose from a wide range of music genres. AIVA comes with three pricing plans for individuals, schools, and enterprises, giving users the freedom to choose a plan that best meets their needs. The tool allows access to track durations of up to 5 minutes, with a maximum of 300 downloads per month for the Pro plan subscribers. Moreover, subscribing to the Pro plan enables creators to own the full copyright of their compositions, with no restrictions on monetization. Overall, AIVA offers an efficient and creative solution for composers and content creators who require unique and personalized composition with minimal effort.

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Featured on January 25, 2017



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