Converts text to HTML & CSS.

AI CODE is an AI tool that enables users to transform text into HTML&CSS (hypertext markup language & cascading style sheets) format. The tool requires an OpenAI API key to function and stores the key locally within the user’s browser. AI CODE is currently in beta, and users can explore the tool’s functionality through the provided link. The tool is accessible via the web link, where users can generate HTML CSS from text. AI CODE is designed with the objective of creating a seamless experience in turning plain text into HTML&CSS. The tool also provides a feedback mechanism, where users can report any bugs, suggest improvements and give feedback via a twitter handle provided in the text. The provided link enables users to join a waitlist for the soon-to-be-released Javascript code, new domain, and features. The description doesn’t provide details on how the tool functions or the algorithm behind its AI technology. Nonetheless, it is a useful tool for web developers, digital marketers, and website owners who require a fast and efficient way of transforming text into HTML&CSS format.

Ai Promptly

Featured on March 20, 2023



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