AI Prompt Generator

Created descriptive text prompts for image conversion.

The AI Prompt Generator – Notion Template is an invaluable tool for those that use AI image generation software but struggle to create the perfect prompt. This template will provide users with a step-by-step guide to create detailed, natural sounding prompts that can be used with most AI image-to-text softwares. Depending on the user’s experience level, they can select the right amount of parameters to choose from. For example, a casual user may only need a few parameters, while a professional user may require more. The template also features a video tutorial to provide further guidance and support. Additionally, users can contact Fiction Productivity via email for any further questions or feedback. The template is available for purchase at a cost of $15+15usd, with early adopters having the option to pay a discounted rate. The product comes with a lifetime of updates and promises to deliver better image results instantly. Reviews for the template are mostly positive, with 84.55 stars out of 88%, with 4 stars being the highest rating.

Ai Promptly

Featured on August 24, 2022



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