AI Host

Interactive robotic virtual host for live streaming.

LiveReacting is an AI technology platform designed to make live streaming more interactive and engaging. It provides a virtual AI host to automate your live shows, eliminating the need for a human host. With LiveReacting, you can add trivia games, word searches, wordict games, and last comment wins games to your show, as well as offer countdowns and pre-recorded videos. The AI host understands the context of your show and will interact with players in real-time with educational and entertaining content. It can also be customized with a custom avatar and will support multiple languages. It is free to use while in the beta version, and it can stream to up to 20 destinations. Additionally, you can add cameras and other elements such as polls and games. LiveReacting can help you revolutionize your live streams and captivate your audience.

Ai Promptly

Featured on December 20, 2022



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