AgendaAI by Charma

Created meeting agenda automatically.

AgendaAI is an AI-powered tool that automates the process of creating meeting agendas. Once connected to Slack or after answering a few questions, AgendaAI identifies and extracts relevant and timely topics by analyzing the conversations and notifications relevant to the meeting, based on the permissions granted by the user. With this tool, users no longer need to manually create agendas, thus saving their time and increasing productivity. Additionally, AgendaAI never misses a thing as it analyzes all the conversations and identifies critical to-do items that might have been missed. Also, it evolves and improves with time, becoming smarter and more refined in suggesting topics. Charma, the parent company of AgendaAI, aims to help individuals have more productive and effective meetings. The tool is designed to cater to the needs of managers, senior executives overseeing matrixed departments, ICs leading team meetings, and anyone else who needs to discuss topics during meetings. AgendaAI helps in creating and leading aligned, accountable teams, building culture, and promoting employee well-being. With integrations to various tools and workflows, Charma aims to provide a comprehensive solution for managing people. Users can try AgendaAI for free, and the more they use it, the smarter it gets, making it a flexible tool that can adapt to specific business needs.

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Featured on March 1, 2023



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