Automated audio production for digital content.

Aflorithmic is an AI Audio-as-a-Service platform for building audio at scale. It offers a range of solutions for audio production, from text to audio, faster and cheaper than traditional audio production. Users can access 600+ AI voices in 60+ languages, plus 100+ sound designs and 30+ sound effects. AI audio solutions include audio advertising, podcasts, video voiceover and voice cloning. Aflorithmic also offers an AI Podcasting Engine, AI Video Voiceover Engine, AI Audio Advertising Engine and AI DCO Engine. Developers can integrate the platform with Python, JavaScript or CURL. The platform enables users to automate and personalize dynamic audio for digital content, with 3x higher engagement than content without. It also offers audio mastering and versioning, sound effects, and real-time scalability and personalization.

Ai Promptly

Featured on November 2, 2021



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