Child-friendly game teaches solving real-world problems.

Adventure AI is an educational social game that allows kids to learn real AI skills through a self-paced curriculum in their areas of interest, such as AI-assisted art, coding AI, and everything GPT, among others. The game takes place in Discord, where kids work through the “training school” quests and eventually graduate to “world school,” where they create competitive, marketable creations with real-world value that can rival those of professionals. The curriculums are updated weekly with new materials, and the set of AI tools and experiments the kids can utilize expand weekly as well. The game aims to maximize intrinsic motivation and offers a social and collaborative environment where kids can help each other, riff on others’ work, and talk in voice channels, especially for team quests. Adventure AI offers different pricing tiers, including a basic one for kids who want to play around with AIs without the curriculum, a curriculum-only tier, and an advanced one that offers full advantage of the game’s opportunities, including the self-paced AI curriculum, world school, and unlimited AI usage. Lastly, for kids who want to deepen their knowledge, the game offers an AI expert teacher tier that includes weekly live classes with the AI researcher who developed Adventure AI. Overall, Adventure AI is an interactive and fun way for kids to learn about AI and its applications while creating marketable, real-world solutions.

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Featured on November 29, 2022



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