Analyzed crypto investment risks and monitored.

Advantis AI – Crypto AI Reader is an AI-powered tool designed to assist crypto investors in making more informed decisions about the crypto projects they are interested in. The tool uses self-learning AI algorithms to provide users with an understanding of the risks, whether they are seasoned investors or newcomers to the crypto market. Advantis AI can help users monitor suspicious wallet activity, notify them if the token they have invested in has a code change, and alert them to potential scams. The tool aims to be a community-driven platform where knowledgeable developers and investors can come together to learn, have fun, and be safe in the crypto space. Advantis AI has detected hundreds of crypto scams and has been featured in reputable news sources such as Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, Coindiscovery, and Coinspeaker. By using Advantis AI’s AI-powered insights, investors can make more confident choices in their investments, earn better returns, and minimize risks.

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Featured on August 3, 2022



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