Deep/machine-learning platform for real-time use.

Abacus.AI is an end-to-end AI platform that offers a range of AI tools to enterprises, enabling real-time machine and deep learning at scale for common use cases such as personalization, forecasting, planning, anomaly detection, NLP, fraud and security, language AI, and vision AI. With the state-of-the-art MLOps platform, users can create highly-accurate models using neural network techniques and bring their own models, and then operationalize them across a wide array of use cases. Abacus.AI provides a vector matching engine, real-time ML feature store, and human-AI champion-challenger, among other features.Abacus.AI offers several differentiated features, including its end-to-end MLOps platform, cutting-edge AI techniques, and enterprise scale and flexibility. The platform’s MLOps capabilities offer support for streaming pipelines, advanced data wrangling, real-time feature store, state-of-the-art machine learning models, notebook hosting, training pipelines, and explanations based on modern techniques. Abacus.AI enables users to get a complete picture of their data in one shot, visualize streaming data in real-time, wrangle data at scale using SQL or Python, and evaluate models in a single glance. Users of Abacus.AI can visualize future predictions intuitively and track model drift over time.Overall, Abacus.AI is an AI platform that enables the easy embedding of cutting-edge AI in applications through its range of tools and features.

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Featured on July 7, 2020



Create, deploy and monitor ML models on a platform.