A solution for creating branded visual content.

88stacks is a powerful AI tool that simplifies the creation of visually appealing content tailored to a brand’s unique image and messaging. The tool allows users to fill out an easy intake form and instantly generate images based on their input. The AI-driven system also takes into account current events, popular culture, and other relevant topics, to create unique and engaging images that will appeal to a brand’s target audience. This eliminates the need for a full design team, saving time and money, while ensuring that no copyright issues arise from the use of the content. 88stacks also offers an endless stream of content for users to draw inspiration from, making it easy to come up with new ideas for their social media platforms. The tool is available for purchase with packages ranging from one to twenty-five campaigns, each with its own set of images and benefits. With 88stacks, users can increase their engagement on social media, build brand awareness, and connect with their followers more effectively.

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Featured on December 5, 2022



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