6pen Art

Artwork generation from text descriptions.

6PEN Art is a product that uses AI technology to generate artwork from text descriptions. This means that you can create an image simply by describing the content, style and other elements in words. 6PEN Art offers a wide range of customizable models, random seeds, reference images, resolutions, style modifications, and artists to achieve the best result. The product supports Chinese language descriptions, and does not retain any copyright on the generated works, which belong to the creator or the CC0 protocol. 6PEN Art also provides tutorials and guides for AI artists, as well as a platform for artists to exchange ideas and feedback. In addition, 6PEN Art offers support for various models such as DiscoDiffusion, StableDiffusion, and 6PEN’s own small model, with more models to be supported in the future. With 6PEN Art, anyone can easily use AI technology to quickly transform their great ideas into visible images, and showcase them on the 6PEN community for more potential rewards.

Ai Promptly

Featured on June 20, 2022



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