6000 thoughts

Mental health and wellness coaching.

6000 thoughts is an AI-based app designed to help users gain clarity of thought and reduce mental distractions. The app acts as a personal coach that helps users identify thought patterns and overcome thinking biases. It offers an easy way to pen down thoughts and ideas and move towards peace of mind. The app can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play.The app offers a productive alternative to writing, as users can talk to themselves instead of putting their thoughts down in writing. This approach allows for less self-censorship and offers greater flexibility to structure thoughts on-the-go. The app provides an instant summarization of themes and identifies thinking traps and biases, leading to increased self-awareness and objectivity.The app offers personal support and privacy to its users. It does not collect or sell user data, making it a protected and safe space to share innermost thoughts. It offers a toolkit of frameworks and tools to improve mental health instantly, without the need for years of mastery. Moreover, users can even provide feedback and suggest improvements to the app through its messaging feature.In summary, 6000 thoughts is a unique AI-powered app that allows users to take control of their thoughts and overcome personal barriers to achieve greater clarity and peace of mind.

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Featured on October 20, 2022



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